Welcome to Podocen

At the Podocen centre of podiatry, we provide integral treatment of the feet, as we have a team of specialists to ensure a solution to whatever problems may arise. It is a centre authorised by the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and covers all fields of podiatry, including a physiotherapy service.
Our professionals are trained podiatrists who diagnose, treat and prevent pathologies of the feet, using different treatments which range from the most simple such as the periodic removal of corns and calluses, the creation of personalised insoles for each type of foot problem, through to surgery in cases which require it, in order to ensure a definitive solution for our patients.
Through this website you will be able to find out about our consulting rooms and our work.
Thank you for placing your trust in us.

We attend to you at

c/ Fernán González, 18 bajo centro izda. 28009 - Madrid

Telephone: 91 431 66 79
E-mail: info@podocen.es